Off Limits

No-hassle tassels

"Allard's in critical condition. The president knows it and is throwing him a lifeline," Newsum says. "Even with the intensive-care intervention, Allard hasn't even managed to crack the 50 percent mark with Colorado voters." As for the GOP's TV outreach to Hispanics, "It's Fantasy Island," she fumes. "The rank-and-file GOP voters and politicians have spent decades ignoring the concerns and inflaming the sensibilities of the very people they're trying to bedazzle with lights and cameras. These guys are so patronizing, I'm embarrassed for them. Taking Spanish lessons?"

And, in fact, while Racicot appears to be making progress with his lessons, several local GOP types are clearly in need of a crash course in how to pronounce the name of the former Montana governor. (It's ros-cow -- or close enough.)

As for those phone problems: For some mysterious reason, calls made to the Democratic Party office in early May were rerouted by Qwest to an investment company. Oddly enough, they wound up reaching the voice mail of Jim Polsfut, who, as a former candidate for state treasurer -- for the Democratic Party, luckily enough -- has plenty of experience in taking down numbers and naming names.

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