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The DAM takes a fresh look at photography.

The third Bayer style is photomontage, in which photos are cut up and rearranged. The classic 1929 "profile en face" is a fine example of this type of work, combining a ripped photo of a woman's face with fragments of architectural and graphic designs. The photomontage represents the most desirable and valuable kind of Bayer photograph and dates to the period when Bayer had just left the Bauhaus, where he had been both student and master.

The Nazis closed the Bauhaus and persecuted modern artists like Bayer, who left Germany in 1938 and eventually came to the United States. For decades he lived in Aspen, which explains why the DAM has such a large collection of his work: Bayer and his wife, Joella, bequeathed many pieces to the museum.

Man Ray, "Le Monde," photogravure.
Man Ray, "Le Monde," photogravure.
Herbert Bayer, "profile en face," photomontage.
Herbert Bayer, "profile en face," photomontage.


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They're among an assortment of worthwhile photographs in the DAM's collection. Now it's up to Pultz to put the art form in focus.

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