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Revitalized modernism is highlighted at Havu and Edge.

The forms are arranged in tight groupings around a meandering path of open floor. This was a necessity, of course, because viewers need to cut through the installation to make the unrewarding journey to the spaces beyond.

Chicoyne's approach to installation -- using almost identical elements and similar colors -- connects her to well-known Denver artist Judith Cohn, whose installations have mostly been shown at Spark Gallery. Also linking the two artists is a firm basis in the old-fashioned functional-vessel tradition. Pamela Olson, whose incredible cast-porcelain installations are currently on view at the Arvada Center, is another artist with a similar style.

"Yellow Math," by Bethany Kriegsman, mixed media on paper.
"Yellow Math," by Bethany Kriegsman, mixed media on paper.


Icons of Our Time anCanvas, Paper, Board
Through August 31 and through July 20
William Havu Gallery, 1040 Cherokee Street, 303-893-2360

lisa chicoyne: one by some
Through July 14
Edge Gallery, 3658 Navajo Street, 303-477-7173

The thoughtful one by some closes this Sunday.

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