Altar Ego

The Wendel-Endsley Group finds sanctuary in sound.

That means Endsley will have to go West once in a while. Living in Brooklyn while his bandmates remain in Los Angeles is a huge obstacle, but he means to overcome it. "I'll have to get smart with my frequent-flyer miles," he says, "and we'll play more periodically, booking our jobs in bunches. But we believe in our resources and our dedication. Staying together will be daunting, but we can do it. We may even get up a new head of steam through my old New York friends."

Meanwhile, the band is looking for a new name that more accurately reflects its collaborative ways. While Endsley has been the group's primary composer for the last year, the other members have increasingly brought new ideas to bear in recent months. "With the new tour, we'll be playing new music," he explains. "You know, we learned quite a bit about the music business itself in Los Angeles. It can be pretty intense. The bands on major labels are in a larger corporate channel, and that can consume the music itself. You become aware of the vacuum; you can get passed by. Our kind of music is not heard much in L.A., so for us it's sometimes been like circling the wagons in the middle of a storm."

Playing with the band: Ben Wendel (far left) and Shane Endsley (far right).
Playing with the band: Ben Wendel (far left) and Shane Endsley (far right).


7 p.m. Monday, August 12
City Park, free

9 p.m. Tuesday, August 13
Dazzle, 930 Lincoln Street
$5, 303-839-5100


Or going to church.

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