Letters to the Editor

From the week of August 8, 2002

What Holthouse did definitely took balls and was more than a little dangerous. However, I wonder if he considered asking the group if he could attend as a reporter if he promised to report on it in as unbiased a manner as he ended up doing. Certainly he wouldn't have gotten the firsthand experience of getting frisked or of being a skinhead in public life, but it would have been much safer, and I think his story would have ended up being much the same. Just a thought.

Jack Cox
via the Internet

Balls two: David Holthouse: Damn, bro, I'll hand you this much: You got some iron-cast balls. I'm glad you wrote up such a decent article. If you ever want to do a lil' undercover project, why not just ask next time? I'm sure you could have had more in-depth interviews.

Bismarck, North Dakota

Border skirmishes: I just read "Skin Deep," and what I find slightly disturbing is that although I am not Anglo-Saxon, I do happen to agree with one thing in the article. And that is border control. I'm a hardworking American and have spent a lot of time researching our falling economy. What I've found is that we allow illegal aliens into our country so we can pay for them to have health care and welfare, and their hobbies seem to only include breeding. I don't agree with boot parties, but I can understand that there seems to be a sense of urgency to get the American borders back under control. As citizens, we see that if we just sit idly by and do nothing, then the bottom-feeders will continue to spread like cockroaches and eventually will push us out of our earned and respectable places in this society.

Christa Roach

Breed it and weep: There is something that skinheads should know.

Researchers of evolution have found that those of us who are attractive are likely to be healthier and more intelligent. A sampling of 10,000 people on the Internet found interracial mixes as more attractive than the pure races ("The Science of Beauty," Discover, February 2000). Perhaps Hitler can be credited for one thing: He tried to create a master race. He didn't have a clue how. So sad.

Selective breeding through free choice is the answer. Let nature take its course.

Donald Alan
via the Internet

Look for the union label: I was reading the article on the Rocky Mountain Heritage Fest and noticed David Holthouse's mention that some of those pathetic boneheads were wearing IBEW union clothing. As a member of the IBEW local union 68 here in Denver, I am appalled that some bonehead who in reality probably has a diluted bloodline or is at least inbred would desecrate what we as a union stand for.

I am on strike at the moment against Ludvik Electric over unfair wages and benefits. It's bad enough to be battling the rats that are stealing my job, let alone the disgrace of such boneheads. Hopefully they were not truly members of the IBEW, but I will keep my eyes open. We have no time for garbage like them; please do not think they are a reflection of our union.

Ross Aaron

Tattoo you: I find it deliciously ironic that those whose claim "white pride" decorate themselves with tattoos. Do these "mentally and physically superior" individuals not realize that with every single tattoo they receive, they become a little less "white" and a little more "black"? By trying to distinguish themselves visually with black ink they, in fact, are destroying the very badge (skin color) that they believe so strongly in.

Like I said, deliciously ironic.

Name withheld on request

Balls three: Kudos to David Holthouse on the balls he demonstrated by going undercover among the skins. The closest thing I can relate it to is when Hunter S. Thompson hung with the Hell's Angels. But, of course, he didn't do it undercover. Thank you for raising awareness about the existence of the skins and white supremacists in general.

However, I did have a few questions that weren't addressed by Holthouse's story: First, is the ARA going to be charged with filing a false report with the police? And second, are the skins contemplating suing the Denver Police Department for violating their constitutional rights against unreasonable search and seizure?

Jim Baumli
Castle Rock

A day at the anti-racists: David Holthouse's story on the hate fest was brilliant; it made me very proud to be an anti-racist! Although we didn't stop the hate fest completely, we sure pissed those racists off, and maybe next time around, we will be successful in shutting it down! I am confident that this article will build a firm ground for anti-racists to be more aware and more active. Thanks for bringing this important issue to the public's attention.


There goes the neighborhood: I was totally sickened to read David Holthouse's "Skin Deep." I was even more alarmed when I read that the Heritage Fest took place several blocks from my house -- one-half block from an elementary school and across the street from the North Jeffco Recreation Center.

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