Letters to the Editor

From the week of August 8, 2002

As far as the false report of drug dealing in the grocery-store parking lot is concerned, no charges have been forwarded to the Denver District Attorney's Office in relation to that complaint call. And in terms of lawsuits, while organizers of the Heritage Fest still intend to sue the owner of the Aztlan Theatre for breach of contract, they have no plans to pursue legal action against the Denver Police Department claiming undue harassment.

More Dish

Low blows: I can't believe that you have reached so low in replacing your former restaurant reviewer with so-called restaurant critic Jason Sheehan. Your choice couldn't be worse, if his review of Venice ("Now, That's Italian," July 18) is any indication of his ability in this area.

I want to know something about the restaurant based on his comments of either good or bad or something in between, not an "evaluation of himself." Tell me something about the restaurant, not conversations overheard from the next table. If this guy wants to report on anti-Semitism, let him go to the burger joint up in Idaho and tell the best and most lurid conversations of the Aryan Nation Brotherhood's quest for chicken-fried steak, biscuits and gravy along with greasy burgers. He will be able to tell about and describe their appetites along with all of their hatred for Jews, African-Americans and any other group.

What a joke! There must be a real shortage of applicants. How did he get this job? Go back to your interviews and find someone who knows something about food and service.

Kal Zeppelin

A taste treat: I am writing to show my appreciation of your new food writer, Jason Sheehan. Finally, a restaurant critic whose writing is worthy of Westword! I like the way he doesn't just give a list of things on the menu; I could have that faxed to me if that's what I wanted. And it's about time a critic introduced himself. Why should I value the opinion of some stranger just because it's in print? I think you guys are breaking new ground with this one. Don't give in to those whiners who demand something more predictable; there are plenty of newspapers out there boring enough to satisfy their mundane tastes.

P.S. I agree with Jason's wife: Tommy burgers are the best.

Melanie Reifaltz

Once bitten: I've been reading Westword cover to cover (always the restaurant column first) for more years than I care to count. I've read many food critics, both yours and others. Never before have I written about a reviewer, but now I must. Jason Sheehan is absolutely the worst. I doubt I'll weed through his personal drivel again attempting to pick out any morsel about food and/or restaurants. What an ego! And "Bite Me"? Too cute. I've always looked to Westword for fair, professional and thoughtful opinions on music, movies, art and food, as well as up-to-date insider tips. Please, please replace big-head Jason with someone who at least knows the local scene and in whom we can have some confidence.

Susan Turetzky

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