Off Limits

Riding with the King

None of the cops noted anything odd about Elvis -- not then, not later. Asked about potential conflicts posed by his moonlighting jobs, Kennedy told the News: "Where there are drugs, we make arrests."

The long goodbye: Performance artist J.T. Colfax, the Denver fellow whose exploits were chronicled in this space last week, bids farewell to his hometown with a goodbye party at Heart Studios on August 31. But the party won't be all fun and games. "Lest we forget my document-stealing ways -- and the statute of limitations -- there will be a couple of new and not known to be missing pieces of art made with gleaned papers," Colfax reports.

Lest we forget, Colfax is the fellow who pilfered the December 26, 1996, log on which JonBenet Ramsey's body was signed into the morgue.

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