In a single bound, Accidental Superhero leaps to the top of the MP3 charts.

"We were talking to our booking agent over there, and he was asking us what kind of catering we wanted," says drummer Andrew Erich. "We were like, 'Who are we? Bon Jovi?' Usually you're happy if you get a slice of cold pizza when you play."

Pizza may well be on the menu during the band's dates in Italy, but the rest of the itinerary suggests that the boys are in for less familiar fare. Reno Divorce will perform all over Germany, as well as in the Netherlands and England, where its record label, Boss Tuneage, is located. The band decided to hop the pond as much to promote its latest record, Naysayers and Yesmen, which has European distribution, as to simply shlep around the Old Country.

"When we were first talking about it, we were like, 'Oh, yes, it really make sense from a business point of view," Erich says. "But I think each of us was like, 'Hell, yeah -- we're going to Europe. We're excited to go over there and drive on the wrong side of the road.'"

Before the band takes the wheel abroad, Reno Divorce will headline a bon voyage show on Friday, September 20, at the 15th Street Tavern, with Ratbag Hero and the Hacks. Happy trails.

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