Letters to the Editor

From the week of October 3, 2002

A Denver Post employee

Slimed:What Evan Dreyer did was an unfortunate accident. How about a little scorn for the people who deliberately and gleefully disseminated that most private and embarrassing document to all takers?

Oh, I forgot. Slime like that is your bread and butter.

Victor Rojo
via the Internet

The I of the Storm

My bad: As an addendum to several of the recent letters regarding Jason Sheehan's propensity to write restaurant reviews as autobiography, I offer the following observation:

In the September 12 "Singapore for your Supper," he uses forms of the words I/me/my 75 times. Please, do what you can to get his ego out of the review. It's not appetizing.

Fred Kurtz

Good reading and eating: Damn you, Jason Sheehan. Why did you have to be so damn good? I wanted so badly for you to suck! I've been reading the Cafe column weekly since arriving in Denver in 1994. When I heard that Kyle Wagner was moving on, I was disappointed. However, I've been a fan from your very first column and now look forward to reading your reviews every week. You are an excellent writer, and I actually laugh out loud at least twice per review. My boyfriend always asks, "What? What?" He doesn't necessarily appreciate how witty your writing is, but I, along with the small but growing legion of true foodies in this town, certainly do.

I still read Kyle every week in the Post -- but your column is the one I look forward to now. I just wanted to give you your due props for that.

P.S.: I love that you changed "The Bite" to "Bite Me."

K. Fuqua

Taco the Town

The relleno thing: Jason Sheehan did a great review of El Taco de México ("The Brains of the Operation," September 26). But, dude -- you missed the best dish, a chile relleno burrito. Go back, have one and enjoy!

Ruth Chaikin
via the Internet

Sonic boom: Ah, yes, El Taco de México. I paid a visit once to the old establishment on Sheridan across from Sloan's Lake, now mercifully replaced by a Sonic drive-in. I think I had tacos, but the food was pretty forgettable.

What I will remember is this: After I ordered and paid for my food, I noticed a little puddle of water formed by a leak in one of the soda machines. Three or four cockroaches frolicked in the water, perhaps washing up for a go at the remainders of my lunch, of which there was plenty. Bleah.

Ron Sering

Their Kind of Town

On the move: I moved from Northglenn to Georgia nine months ago. I look forward to my weekly USPS delivery of Westword. Kenny Be is right on track (as usual), as is the rest of the crew. And Jason Sheehan is doing a marvelous job.

Kevin Holmby
via the Internet

Bright lights, medium-sized city: Wow. Recently, I ventured to your wonderful city for a month, and I would have to say that I had a great time. I would also like to thank your magazine. I remember getting really excited every Wednesday night at about 9:30 p.m. because I knew that the new Westword would be out.

Denver is so interesting. I'm sure I'll be back.

Brandon Baraconi
Rockford, Illinois

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