Off Limits

A smashing campaign

While the result bears an unsettling resemblance to the peaceful holiday messages served up by Rocky's Autos, Lamm wasn't aware of this unintended homage. "We don't recall anyone doing this before in a political message," she says.

But Bighorn, a group best known for championing the telemarketing no-call list, isn't betting all of its chips on the tasteful approach. Other pro-28/29 commercials slated to run prior to election day are more traditional, if far less nasty than many of this year's salvos. In fact, the sounds-of-silence ads were scheduled to appear only on October 30; future airings will depend in part on support for the measures. But votes by visitors to the Web site will also be taken into account. "If people like the spot and want to see more of it," Lamm says, "that's the way they can let us know."

Or they can simply wait until next week, when the political silence will be deafening -- and much appreciated.

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