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Holy smokes! Only those with burning ambition will survive the 2002 Year in Review quiz.

D. The volume of treated sewage pumped into the drinking water.

14. Estes Industries of Penrose was cited for this achievement in November:

A. Inventing a program that allows Sims fans to project holograms of their favorite characters.

Sam Turner
Sam Turner

B. Manufacturing a dangerous rocket toy whose parts could break off (the company subsequently recalled 140,000 toys).

C. Marketing a dog-collar walkie-talkie that enables pet owners to summon their stray pets.

D. Creating a successful bio-mechanical hybrid by "implanting" solar cells in pine-tree saplings to stimulate growth.

15.The state finally settled on an official mineral. The winner is:

A. Molybdenum.

B. Gold.

C. Rhodochrosite.

D. Owensium.

16. As decided by the Colorado Legislature, this change will take place next July 1 in Pueblo:

A. The University of Southern Colorado will formally be known as Colorado State University-Pueblo.

B. All corn dogs served at the State Fair will undergo random taste tests to weed out "Larrys," or green hot dogs.

C. Anyone seeking to march in the annual Columbus Day parade will have to sign a waiver promising not to sue the city in case of a protester attack.

D. The use of unicycles will be banned.

17. Under a state law pushed by businesses that took effect on August 7, it is now legal to do this along Colorado's roads:

A. Stage choreographed displays to promote local fundraisers, such as benefit car washes.

B. Use lasers to light up the evening sky for promotion.

C. Erect Trivision billboards, which can change to reveal up to three messages in the blink of an eye.

D. Unleash ultrasonic frequencies to attract the attention of dogs traveling in the back of cars and pickup trucks.

18. Stressed Coloradans surpassed what mark this year?

A. The high-water mark for beer consumption, topping 42 gallons per adult.

B. The record for bankruptcy filings, eclipsing the 1997 mark of 19,075.

C. The number of miles driven during errands, with more than 1,233 per vehicle.

D. The amount of time logged on the Internet, a national-high average of 998 hours per household.

19. While not overseeing the fraying of once-mighty Qwest, Phil Anschutz started a new career as:

A. Race-car driver, piloting his rocket-powered "At the Speed of Light" cruiser to second place at Watkins Glen.

B. Voiceover for No-No, a cartoon character in a half-hour Christmas special, The Really Little Angel, aired on PAX-TV.

C. Movie mogul, with the release of Joshua, a feature film from Epiphany Films about a very good carpenter.

D. Pitchman for his exclusive line of executive cosmetics, Top Dog, which also makes hair coloring for the salt-and-pepper set.

20. When asked whether he was concerned that racist groups might be among those buying "Fightin' Whites" T-shirts, Solomon Little Owl replied that he wasn't concerned because:

A. The shirts were designed to shrink, causing discomfort.

B. A curse had been woven into some of the fabrics.

C. His group has their money.

D. He believes that they will come to see the error of their ways.

21. Which was not part of ten-year-old King Oyo's tour of the Denver area last April?

A. An interview with CBS's Bryant Gumble.

B. A photo session with Mayor Wellington Webb.

C. A settling of the books for ChristAid Inc., a once financially troubled nonprofit that sponsored the boy sovereign's trip.

D. A Littleton reception during which congregants dressed up in African-style tunics to charm the tiny royal.

22. After being eased out as city manager of Glendale, Veggo Larsen was allowed to do what?

A. Retain his VIP pass to Shotgun Willie's.

B. Drive a donated fire truck from the city down to Mexico.

C. Keep a set of Big Bertha golf clubs that the city council had awarded him a month earlier as employee of the year.

D. Attend a municipal-government conference in Kauai dedicated to "The Benefits of Stability in Local Government."

23. Rangeview High School grad Timé Sumeo could have best prepared for his role in Cirque du Soleil's Alegría by:

A. Working out with the pom-pom squad, since his role demanded that he toss midgets in the air.

B. Smoking off-campus, because he did a turn as a fire-eater.

C. Making sandwiches at Subway so that he could learn to juggle multiple items, including bottles of salad dressing.

D. Skating along a half-pipe to hone his ability to skitter across a wire hung sixty feet above the crowd.

24. While addressing Congress, Wayne Allard, Colorado's junior senator, reached for a literary allusion and came up with:

A. To sleep, perchance to scheme.

B. No state is an island.

C. If the shoe fits, it probably won't after a while.

D. Two roads diverged in the woods, and so did I.

25. Several hundred pounds of ConAgra beef, supposedly recalled because of E. coli contamination, instead were:

A. Used as landfill in Adams County.

B. Fashioned into several standing sculptures at Pirate titled "Ground Down, Parts Uno, Dos and Tres."

C. Mistakenly frozen and shipped to missionaries in Kenya.

D. Served to inmates at the Buena Vista Correctional Complex as part of a yummy meatloaf.

26. Cops monitoring the Hells Angels' USA Run in Gunnison admired:

A. The wide variety of spellings of "hell" on participants' arms.

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