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Holy smokes! Only those with burning ambition will survive the 2002 Year in Review quiz.

B. The sophistication of high-tech communication and surveillance equipment that the gang brought with them.

C. The bikers' generosity in donating to a fund for Buzzard, a three-limbed Alsatian injured in a motorcycle crash.

D. The bikers' ability to heave large metal kegs through plate-glass windows.

Sam Turner
Sam Turner

27. Water shortages became so acute last summer that all of these happened except for which one?

A. More than 5,300 Evergreen residents were forced to restrict watering for three days.

B. Interest was rekindled in the "Big Straw" plan designed to siphon unused water from the Colorado River, although its creator dismissed its effectiveness.

C. A Denver Water employee was issued a warning for watering without a nozzle.

D. All proceeds from the copyrighted term "xeriscape" were funneled to pay for watering Denver golf-course greens.

28. One special clause in Broncos kicker Jason Elam's new $1.465 million contract allows him:

A. To bring his personal pedicurist into the locker room.

B. To avoid being designated a transition or franchise player after this season.

C. To skip pre-game chapel services.

D. To keep an "Elam Big-Foot" action figure taped to his locker.

29. Despite continued woes throughout the year, United Airlines did claim one shining moment in 2002:

A. It finished first for on-time arrivals in July, edging out already bankrupt US Airways by one-tenth of a percent.

B. The airline's flight attendants were named "best dressed" by Service Wear Monthly, a trade publication.

C. The company won the coveted Prix de Aerolinea for cuisine, given by a consortium of flying foodies.

D. Reported the fewest fatalities among pets flying in cargo.

30. Speaking of being number one, Colorado was tops in this during 2002:

A. Snowboard-related injuries.

B. Likelihood of residents using the term "dude" conversationally.

C. Percentage decrease in the number of jobs (a 2.2 percent decline).

D. Microbrew startups.

31. Breckenridge Ski Resort used which of these slogans in an ill-fated ad campaign?

A. We'll whip your ski-bunny booty.

B. Each night, a new chance to earn your balls back.

C. Work it by day; work it harder by night.

D. Snow, blow, enjoy the show.

32. Jefferson County's attempt to fight wildfires included which of these strategies?

A. Deputizing a "Pee-Wee Squirt Gun" patrol, so that kids could carry squirt guns in case of emergency.

B. Releasing several hundred black squirrels, whose behavior could alert observers to smoke.

C. Introducing a jingle-writing contest, with the winners posted Burma Shave-style along roadways.

D. Setting up a giant, county-wide phone tree by which neighbors could alert one another to possible fires.

33. At the April 13 Rapids game at Invesco Field, the first 6,000 fans got:

A. To race across the field, screaming GOOOOAAAAL.

B. Chorizo tacos.

C. Buckets of Tide detergent.

D. A Carlos Valderrama bobblehead doll, complete with blond 'fro.

34. Which of these statements is not true?

A. Colorado's hunting season for coyotes is year-round.

B. There's a one-week window to hunt moose with a muzzle-loading rifle.

C. Antelope bucks may be killed by arrow for one week longer than female antelopes.

D. Mountain lions may be brought down with slingshots in the spring.

35. Touring for the first time in ten years, rocker Peter Gabriel did all but one of these at the Pepsi Center:

A. Walked upside down while suspended from a metal ring (as did his daughter).

B. Bounced energetically -- like a hamster -- in a twelve-foot plastic ball.

C. Sprayed himself, and several bandmembers, with Silly String.

D. Rode a spiffy steel bicycle in circles while singing through a remote headphone.

36. Tom Strickland, during his second unsuccessful bid for the U.S. Senate, was quoted as saying all but one of these:

A. "I can take a blow. I can deliver one."

B. "I'm like the Terrell Davis of politics. Banged up, but willing to go."

C. "I'm pretty much a soft touch."

D. "I've been in the trenches."

37. On December 6, Av Patrick Roy notched which of the following achievements?

A. He set a personal best by splitting four goalie sticks, two of them in the crucial third period.

B. The seventh anniversary of his trade from the Montreal Canadiens.

C. His 500th career game in which he gave up one goal or less.

D. A departure from his signature floppy hairstyle to a more contemporary GQ look.

38. The day after a Denver officer discovered another cache of so-called "spy files" in September, DPD chief Gerry Whitman:

A. Appeared at a press conference with the FBI's top counter-intelligence agent from Quantico, promising a purge.

B. Appeared with other law-enforcement types in the "Donut Duel," pitting Krispy Kreme goo against LaMar's.

C. Appeared to have permanently lost the feeling in his lower jaw, so tightly was it clenched.

D. Appeared in a live broadcast with Geraldo, defending the city's handling of the mess, first exposed by the ACLU in March.

39. The Denver Museum of Nature & Science, in its drive to embrace the 21st century, has one of these exhibitions planned:

A. Sunken Treasures of NASA: A soggy look at space stuff that went down, not up.

B. A stationary Lewis & Floorwax exhibit.

C. A touring Lewis and Clark exhibit, timed for several years after the bicentenniary of the explorers' start.

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