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Holy smokes! Only those with burning ambition will survive the 2002 Year in Review quiz.

D. An animatronic Jane Goodall character introducing "It's a Goodall World, After All."

40. Accused terrorist Zacarias Moussaoui asked that his trial be moved to Denver because of all of these reasons except one:

A. "The presence of the highest maximum security jail in the U.S."

Sam Turner
Sam Turner

B. "Denver, Colorado, is recognized in the general public as a safe, secure location."

C. "The spirit of freedom, like an eagle, begun by the great musical man John Denver."

D. "The high altitude and fresh air will bring back some sense of security (maybe)."

41. Anti-bilingualists Ron Unz and Rita Montero were quoted as using all but one of these words to label Amendment 31 foes:

A. "Locos."

B. "Vampires."

C. "Liars."

D. "Racists."

42. Faced with pressures to trim the city budget, Mayor Webb moved to chop this group:

A. Parks and Rec's "Touch-Up" squad, a team of trained ceramists who fix cracked statuary ($67,480 in savings).

B. Department of Revenue Squeegee Unit, which wipes graffiti off of parking meters ($49,010).

C. The city attorney's Asset Recovery Unit, which collects bad debts ($810,500).

D. DPD's Bronco Cheerleader Protection Squad, the special detail assigned keep the rah-rahs risk-free ($290,340).

43. The University of Northern Colorado surrendered this after 88 years:

A. The original libretto to Cole Porter's jazz-age hit "You Put the Bang in My Bangle, You Make the Dang in My Dangle."

B. A Tlingit totem pole claimed by the tribe from Sitka, Alaska.

C. The list of names of a "secret society" involved in a series of melon raids on nearby farms that ended in several injuries.

D. The bear claws of the original "Teddy" bear, beloved school mascot, for display at CSU.

44. The planned $24.8 million restoration of the 137,760 acres destroyed in the Hayman Fire includes everything but:

A. Planes spraying 23 million pounds of seed and mulch across the area.

B. Computer-monitoring systems throughout charred parts of various counties.

C. A "Ready Squirrel" alert system, with heat-sensing monitors shaped like animals designed to flash red.

D. All-terrain vehicles dragging soil- busting rakes.

45. Although less than a quarter through the 2002-03 season, the Nuggets had set all but one of these @*#&^! records:

A. Fewest points in the first quarter of any NBA game, ever (3).

B. Fewest vowels in a starting lineup (two I's, an A and 5 E's).

C. Second-fewest points in an NBA game, ever (53).

D. Second-fewest points in any NBA quarter, ever (3).

46. Brian Tellinghuisen became the first person in Denver history to:

A. Move into the first housing unit at Stapleton, starting a migration that will grow to 30,000 people.

B. Generate enough solar and wind power at his Congress Park residence that the city paid him $3,433 for power.

C. Summit the highest peaks on all seven continents.

D. Use all RTD lines successfully in a single day.

47. In his final state-of-the city message, Mayor Webb promised to end his tenure in office by:

A. Kicking and screaming.

B. Making one final swing through the Far East, in hopes of landing a major trade deal (and a job).

C. Finishing his autobiography, which has the working title Big Foot: One Mayor's Strides in Making an Impression.

D. Walking the city's neighborhoods for 21 days -- as he did before his surprise upset in 1991 -- but this time, thanking residents.

48. Visitors from as far away as Singapore and France headed to Denver in June for:

A. The inaugural meeting of the International Society of Nude Paragliders.

B. The 22nd annual National Barbie Doll Collectors Convention.

C. The Soldier of Fortune Cyberwar Expo and Explosition.

D. The reunion of the 1945 national champion Fruita pep squad.

49. Bob Beauprez, who eked out victory in the new 7th Congressional District, credited all but which of these for his strength of character?

A. His Belgian grandfather.

B. His habit of brushing his teeth for exactly three minutes, three times a day.

C. His upbringing on a Boulder dairy farm.

D. His "Colorado common sense."

50. Governor Owens, sounding the alarm for the national media that "all Colorado is on fire," went on to say that the state was experiencing conditions like:

A. The end of the world.

B. The Dresden firebombings in World War II.

C. Nuclear winter.

D. Victory celebrations at the University of Colorado, only across the state.


1. D. The certificates were swiped.

2. B. The digits did the kids in.

3. B. Staffers turned into smoke-eaters in what was termed a "normal" practice for the department.

4. C. In his heart, Gary knew that we were bomber bait.

5. A. The 21-year-old Minnesotan planted one of his pipe bombs here as part of a cross-country design that backfired.

6. C. A donor treated the pilgrims to an Outback dinner.

7. B, D. Nimble and Fester were the authors deemed suspicious by the cops.

8. C. The bill was viewed as too tough on animal abusers. Meow!

9. D. Security made him chug the brackish water, a practice now discontinued.

10. D. Captain Viewshed opened his first store. All nature, all the time.

11. B. Senator re-elect Allard was seen at Target. Let the economic recovery begin!

12. C. The underachieving outfielder promises to turn over a new maple leaf.

13. A. According to one study, Colorado has the third-largest budget deficit to overcome. (Alaska and Nevada are the only states with gloomier financial news.)

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