You Must Remember This

Holy smokes! Only those with burning ambition will survive the 2002 Year in Review quiz.

14. B. The well-known hobby manufacturer misfired with one of its rockets.

15. C. Rhodochrosite, a reddish rock that doesn't rhyme with "Owensium."

16. A. Hail, fighting CSU-Pueblo.

Sam Turner
Sam Turner

17. C. What with cell phones and stray elk, who'll notice the Trivision boards, anyway?

18. B. Gimme a "B," Alex, for "bankruptcy."

19. C. His Qwest continued with Joshua, which earned $1.5 million at the box office and is now out on DVD.

20. C. Quoth the wise Owl: We have their money.

21. C. The wee king didn't tackle the books -- which were a mess, according to one accountant.

22. B. From fired to fire truck, Veggo saw it all.

23. B. Smoking, since Sumeo twirled fire in the show.

24. B. No state is an island. Uh, Senator, except maybe Hawaii.

25. D. Meatloaf surprise! Yo, you on death row -- second helpings?

26. B. The high-tech equipment was the envy of the law.

27. D. No xeriscape revenues trickled down.

28. B. Elam can't be declared a transition player, which means he can hotfoot it elsewhere.

29. A. Remember those golden days of July when UAL was on time and in its prime?

30. C. Colorado led in job loss. Whoo-hoo! More room for the rest of us.

31. B. Breckenridge wanted to give balls back, but the campaign was quickly cut off.

32. C. Jingle-writing soon flamed out.

33. D. Bobblehead Carlos was the supposed draw.

34. D. No zinging with slingshots, please. Leave the cougars in trees.

35. C. No tiny bubbles for this artist.

36. B. No Terrell reference (at least publicly) for this former gritty gridder.

37. B. It was the seventh anniversary of the trade, marked by a game against Roy's former team.

38. B. Cops. Donuts. You do the math.

39. C. Lewis and Clark are coming. So is the real Jane Goodall, not the robot.

40. C. Even Moussaoui isn't so out of touch that he'd invoke Mr. Rocky Mountain High.

41. A. "Locos." English only, please.

42. C. The city trimmed the Asset squad. Go figure.

43. B. The totem pole has returned to its homeland.

44. C. No Ready Squirrel alert.

45. B. Tracking the spelling of this team's roster has been outsourced to Merriam-Webster's.

46. A. Tellinghuisen became the city's first urban-suburbanite when he moved to Stapleton.

47. D. He's walking, yeah-yeah-yeah. He's talking, hey-hey-hey. But not about what he's doing after he leaves office in July.

48. B. Barbies turned this town into the valley of the dolls.

49. B. Oh, those pearly whites.

50. D. Nuclear winter analogy: a surefire way to boost tourism. Thanks, Bill!

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