Letters to the Editor

From the week of January 2, 2003

As Americans, we must stand up for freedom now, before we all find acceptable the American public's abdication of our civil rights and the privacy we used to find sacred.

Leroy Quet

It's the Reel Thing

History lesson: Regarding David Holthouse's "Reel Liberation," in the December 19 issue:

If Gary Nurkiewicz ends up donating the Nazi films, why doesn't he donate them to the Simon Wiesenthal Center in Los Angeles, since it is dedicated to educating the public about the Holocaust? Or he could lower his price to the point that they could afford to buy them. I think that would be a good permanent home for the films.

Darlene Bee
via the Internet

Ethnic Cleansing

You, sir, are correct! In Michael Roberts's December 12 "Calling All Columnists," he made the startling statement that "as a Latina, [Tina] Griego was the paper's only metro columnist with an ethnic background."

Mr. Roberts, everybody in the world has an ethnic background, even you (unless you are some sort of genetic miracle!). It's just that some ethnic backgrounds are more politically correct than others.

Derry Eynon
Fort Collins

Head for the Hill

Music to his ears: Marty Jones's "Recording Star," in the December 19 issue, was one of the most wonderful and positive stories about music and life that I've read in a very long time! Thank goodness for the Bill Hills of this world. Also, thank goodness for writers such as Marty Jones, with enough wisdom, courage and compassion to be aware of such beauty!

Gene A. Napue Jr.

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