Locked and Loaded

A year in the life of the state's most dysfunctional prison.

June 23, 2002: "Two inmates (Brown and Graves) were fighting in the dining hall. The inmates were restrained, and the officer received injuries to his elbow and knee."

June 30, 2002: "Overdose. Balloons stuck in throat. Surgically removed."

July1-3, 2002: "The inmates protested with a mass hunger strike. The strike ended without any major incidents."

July 9, 2002: "Three inmates were in an altercation that resulted in one inmate being stabbed. No staff were injured."

July 23, 2002: "During the gang pull two inmates (George and Nguyen) began fighting in the courtyard. They refused orders to stop and Tower III fired a warning shot."

August 1, 2002: "Balloon. Dry cell." [Translation: an inmate swallowed a drug balloon and was kept in a cell with no toilet until the evidence materialized.]

August 24, 2002: "An officer was randomly pat searching inmates in the courtyard when inmate Martinez became angry and punched the officer. Another officer responded, wrestling the inmate to the ground. A third officer assisted and the inmate was cuffed. A warning shot was fired from Tower III. Two staff suffered minor injuries."

September 9, 2002: "A cell extraction team had to remove inmate E. from his cell in order for mental health to evaluate him due to his bizarre behavior over the past 48 hours."

September 27, 2002: "Two incidents, stabbing and assault."

October 4, 2002: "Inmate Benavidas was found in his cell severely beaten (attempted murder). He was transported to Plains Medical Center and flown to Denver via Flight for Life. He remains in a coma."

October 7, 2002: "Inmate Fullmer was stabbed over his eye with a pencil and transported to Denver."

October 15, 2002: "Inmate Montour assaulted Eric Autobee, Correctional Support Supervisor, Food Service. Eric was sent to Swedish Medical Center by Flight for Life, where he later expired."

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If he lived in mo he wouldn't make down here. The bible says if we would simply kill these monsters that these things would cease happening amongst us. Its unbelievable that this guy is protected by this law. Sounds like the problem in Colorado is going to get worse. One of my best friends had a granddaughter that was kidnapped raped and murdered in parsons Kansas and my friend went to find and kill him but the police found him first. He could have saved the good people of Kansas alot of taxpayers dollars to let that happen. Our society needs to.understand that when you brutally rape and victimize and they go.to.prison let the inmates clean there own houses up themselves then those crazy lower than scum evil mf would think twice. Those innocent children's blood are going to be on the politicians hands not on the inmates. Very very sad;