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New Year's Peeve

Meanwhile, Singapore Grill (7923 South Broadway in Littleton), which I reviewed on September 12, didn't last long enough to welcome the new year. See what happens when you people don't take my advice on these little, out-of-the-way places? They close! Which means there's nowhere in town now that I can satisfy my roti canai jones, and I can no longer terrify out-of-town guests with ice kacang -- that psychedelic mystery sundae with vanilla ice cream, lotus jelly, corn and kidney beans. Singapore Grill has been replaced by one of those by-the-scoop Chinese joints. Same owners, same staff, same address, but a whole new ballgame.

Last gasp: A quick word of thanks to all of you who voiced your opinions regarding my piece on a possible smoking ban for all Denver bars and restaurants ("Smoke Free or Die," December 5). While I'd love to run every single letter (even the ones that called me names, and especially the ones that called the smoke-banners names), there's simply not that much space in the paper. Westword received over a hundred letters (a new record for correspondence regarding a single story!), almost evenly divided between pro- and anti-ban, although reasons for those positions varied widely.

Not about a restaurant

Will the push for a blanket ban succeed? I don't know. But even if new smoking regulations are proposed by Denver's Board of Environmental Health, even if Denver City Council votes them into effect, and even if I am never again able to light up at my favorite dives and diners, at least we've all had our say.

I now resolve to stay away from all political issues in '03. Or at least until something else comes up that really pisses me off...

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