Letters to the Editor

From the week of January 23, 2003

Name withheld on request

Ham on Wry

Stout to lunch: I thoroughly enjoy reading Jason Sheehan's restaurant reviews. The man clearly knows his stuff. He's obviously not just a food critic; he's also a gifted writer. I loved the description of "a red-faced man with a giant boiled ham of a head" in his review of the Stout Pub ("The Grill Next Door," January 16). What a beautiful turn of phrase!

Mike Waldron
Rapid City, South Dakota

California scheming: Regarding Jason Sheehan's statement in the January 16 Bite Me that bad cooks "end up working at a Carl's Jr. in hell."

Please elaborate: Can I replace "Carl's Jr." with "Hardee's," "La Salsa" or "Green Burrito" (other CKE Restaurants)? Or is it a Southern California-origin thing? Why not McDonald's (San Bernardino), Original Tommy's World Famous Hamburgers (Los Angeles), Taco Bell (Barstow), Del Taco (Barstow) or Bob's Big Boy (Los Angeles)?

Eddie T. Seo


Buffalo bull: Regarding Jason Sheehan's "A Rare Bird," in the January 9 issue:

As a former Buffaloian, it's great to hear Buffalo mentioned other than in references to the Bills losing four Super Bowls. I enjoy Jason's reviews and his writing style. He's doing a great job.

Matt Ortiz
via the Internet

No Rime Before Its Time

The Mighty stuff: I just wanted to follow up on Jason Heller's January 9 "High and Mighty," regarding the Mighty Rime. I personally found their first disc inspiring, from the vocals to the songwriting. I feel there is a special dynamic with these guys and can't wait to see them live. They give me the Built to Spill feel with a goofy Les Claypool country/folk attitude.

Bring it out west, boys, if you're looking for a connection. You have some fans out here, and I can't wait to hear the next album.

Sean Wolfe
San Francisco, California

Information, Please

Tap dance: In his Janurary 2 letter, Leroy Quet is upset that John Poindexter will tap his phone and enter information into a database and will know everything about him. And Poindexter won't get a court order first.

I really hate to break this to Mr. Quet and others, but telephone calls are intercepted all the time since they travel over satellites, on UHF and VHF through the airways. It seems okay with Mr. Quet that thieves, criminals and mischief-makers can receive and record this info on the phone or the Internet or retrieve it from computers, but he does not want government employees to do this.

Frank Whiteman

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