Twin Peeks

Diane and Elaine Klimaszewski get into the sister act.

"Sometimes we get on each other's nerves," Elaine admits, "but at the end of the day, we're very important to each other."

So important that nothing's going to break them apart, especially not a man. (Sorry, boys, but both twins have serious boyfriends.) "We have different tastes in men," explains Elaine. "We've never been attracted to the same guy, which I think is a blessing. That could get really hairy."

In their free time, they like to relax -- together. "We like to hang out with friends, spend time with family, go to the movies, have a nice dinner," says Elaine. "And what's it called when you go walking in the mountains?"

"Hiking," Diane answers.

"Yeah, we like to go hiking," Elaine says. "We like to go to the beach. We like nature, and we like bowling."

The twins won't have time for bowling this weekend. They're going to be too busy representing Coors Light, both on TV and in person at several Super Bowl parties and at the big game itself. On Saturday night, they're hosting their very own Maxim party, for which a San Diego Wonder Bread factory is being turned into a city called Maximville. Diane and Elaine will be the city's honorary mayors.

Despite such august honors, the twins insist they're still small-town girls at heart. "We're not flashy or showy," says Elaine. "We're just normal girls trying to make it big."

And with that, at the exact same moment, the two break into the theme song that Kathie Lee Gifford sang for Carnival Cruise Lines: "If they could see us now..."

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