Start me up: The Stones came to town and everyone knew it.

In a letter to Westword (see page 9), reader Julie Gatseos poses a simple question: Would it have killed us to acknowledge that the Rolling Stones were coming to town to perform a concert at the Pepsi Center on Saturday, February 1?

The truth is -- although it's a little embarrassing to admit -- we had no idea this show was going on, and we certainly didn't expect an obscure rock-and-roll band to cause such a fuss. I mean, those guys are from England! And have you taken a look at them? Not exactly pop-star material! Still, by the middle of last week, we realized that this concert had some serious word-of-mouth buzz. And this past weekend, we turned on the TV to see that channels 4, 7, 9 and 31 had all covered the festivities, as had the Denver Post, the Rocky Mountain News and even the Denver Daily News. In fact, both of the major dailies are so devoted to this virtually unknown band from Britain that they write about them all year long. Talk about feeling like the only girl not invited to the party!

Ah, well, things do slip through the cracks. These Rolling Stones must really be something to get everyone so worked up. I mean, most Denver media outlets never cover music at all. As for the show, I read, repeatedly, that it was excellent (if ill-timed). Apparently, the group's lead singer -- whose name is not "Mike," but "Mick," in the British fashion -- pranced around the stage seeming so confident, you'd think he'd been performing for forty years.

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