Pop Quiz

February 13, 2003

B. He's an expert in martial arts.

C. He does all of his own stunts in Warren Miller's upcoming Gelendesprung Banzai.

D. He utters "Pancakes, pancakes" in an upcoming film by a David Lynch protegé.

Dead head.
Dead head.
Same old Schmidt.
Same old Schmidt.
This cowpoke never spoke.
This cowpoke never spoke.
Dumb and Dumber in Ass-pen.
Dumb and Dumber in Ass-pen.

13. Does it get any bigger? Robert De Niro and Wesley Snipes starred in:

A. The Fan.

B. Big Rush and Little Faucet.

C. Dumb and Dumber.

D. Ramblin' With Roy.

14. In Sleeper, Woody Allen does what at the futuristic house perched over I-70 near Genesee?

A. Falls for Diane Keaton.

B. Escapes the clutches of control freaks.

C. Plays ragtime jazz.

D. Overdoses on Nyquil.

15. Jack Nicholson spends one night in About Schmidt where?

A. In a hot tub.

B. Sleeping in his RV parked on a Denver street.

C. At Governor Bill Owens's empty mansion.

D. Inside a tent at the Chief Hosa campground.

16. What hometown hero was memorialized in a biopic?

A. Supreme Court Justice Byron White in Whizzer's World.

B. Governor Richard Lamm in Duty to Die and Other Hints.

C. Dan Issel in Grin and Bear It.

D. Molly Brown in The Unsinkable Molly Brown.

17. Local gazillionaire-and-dropping Phil Anschutz became a movie mogul by backing Joshua. What is not true about this holy flick?

A. It includes an Academy Award-winning actor as a grumpy priest.

B. It was filmed entirely on location here, with Easter Sunrise at Red Rocks among the highlights.

C. It follows a carpenter (!) who comes to a small town and has special "powers."

D. It's out on DVD.

18. Which silent-era star is connected with Colorado?

A. Tom Mix.

B. Charlie Chaplin.

C. Fatty Arbuckle.

D. Billy Crystal.

19. In Die Hard 2, Stapleton International doubles as:

A. L.A.'s Boogierific Disco.

B. Yugoslav Aeoropuerto Internacionale.

C. Washington's Dulles.

D. JFK in a snowstorm.

20. Robert Redford played this hotshot in the career-making epic Downhill Racer (which came out the same year as a certain Butch film):

A. Harry Longbaugh.

B. Jeremiah Johnson.

C. David Chappallet.

D. Bob Woodward.


1. C. Festival of Mountain and Plain unspooled in 1897.

2. B. Bauhaus ain't our house, according to the commission, which found zero examples.

3. A. Beer expert Charlie Papazian delivered the goods.

4. B. The late Mr. D was honored.

5. D. Belushi was in Divide.

6. D. Rock-sake Master was not unleashed.

7. C. Nat Lamp lit up in 1982.

8. B. Coach Dangerfield blends genders to please his boss by winning.

9. B. After taking some critical hits, Murray opined that he'd stick to funny.

10. C. The hefty sleuth never broke the buffet. On camera.

11. C. Zevon is believed to have inspired the title.

12. C. No Miller time for the new Coloradan.

13. A. The Fan has the pair.

14. B. Escapes mind control. Sort of.

15. B. Jack racks out in the RV.

16. D. Well, duh. But at least we didn't make a gratuitous mention of Titanic.

17. B. Heaven only knows, but Joshua does not bless Colorado.

18. A. Mix was in the mix.

19. C. Willis is in Dulles.

20. C. Chappallet away.Burr-rito.

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