Dangerous Liaisons

Strategic talk about winning Denver's most coveted seat.

Ari Zavaras
The campaign: "To reveal any of our strategic plan publicly would just be taking a risk that we think we just can't do. That plan has been worked on for close to a year now. It is very specific. It involves fundraising, it involves field, it involves staff. It involves media, both broadcast and print. And anything that would go into even vague detail about that plan...I just can't do that. It just doesn't suit our interests in a field of eight." -- Arnie Grossman, spokesman for Zavaras campaign

Insiders: Zavaras is targeting Republican and moderate voters, as well as senior citizens. He'll play up his law-enforcement background to woo people worried about crime. He's also reaching out to the Hispanic and black communities, where he's earned a surprising amount of support from key players.

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