Letters to the Editor

From the week of April 10, 2003

It seems to me that some residents of Park Towers and other residents in the Cheesman area should remember the controversy over Park Towers being built. There was much opposition by common folks who didn't want rich, snobby folks moving into the neighborhood and dictating what was and was not acceptable for the area around Cheesman. It sounds as if their concerns have come true. If you don't like urban living, go to the suburbs or the mountains, but please keep your "dogma" to yourself. Arf, arf.

By the way, I have never seen a single soul on any of the balconies of the upscale Park Towers. And I daresay that few of its residents would deign to set foot in "that park." To Park Towers residents, who seem to be some of the more vehement opponents, I say: Just be grateful that the developers of your high-rise got their way, in spite of the opposition to your building blocking more views of the mountains. That's something that can never be replaced or remedied.

As for those folks who let their dogs run in Cheesman, I daresay that most of them I've observed are quite decent people.

And as for Susan Barnes-Gelt, she's a has-been, a big bag of wind, and I, for one, will jump for joy when her term on Denver City Council expires. Good riddance, Susie Q. And, ahem, speaking of dogs, I wonder at which grooming shop she gets her "mane" done. Perhaps the city's residents could take up a collection and send her to a real hair salon. Unlike candidate Robb, I bet that neither Ed Thomas, the current councilman for District 10, nor Barnes-Gelt have ever picked up even a piece of paper in Cheesman, let alone dog poop.

Perhaps when the new city council convenes in July, there will be a fresher approach to dealing with such issues as off-leash dog runs. Until then, I guess we'll just have to hope that the canines and owners can deal with the restrictions.

I don't like stepping in poop, but I also think that dogs contribute a lot to the sanity and peacefulness of their owners. That contributes to a more peace-loving world. And who doesn't want that?

T.J. Goodwin

A duty to doody: I've never written a letter to the editor before, but I feel compelled to comment on your last two issues.

First, I live next to Bible Park and remember last summer going to a display and filling out a survey that asked if I wanted an off-leash area there, or anywhere. I said, emphatically, NO -- not there or anywhere. However, I've now changed my stance, slightly. I think it would be a great idea to have one or two completely fenced-in (with gates/doors that you have to open and fences as tall as tennis courts) areas for all the Denver dog owners to take their dogs. Say, one on the east side, one on the west. Then, since the owners don't want to pick up their poop, all the dogs can go home with feces on their paws and maybe infect some toddler in the house. Whooie -- soon we'd have a reduced population of dogs, and maybe even their owners! Hopefully, we'll have a bunch of pit-bull owners who'll enjoy seeing what carnage their dogs can inflict on those pesky pekes and poufy poodles! We could even have "authorized" dogfights!

Seriously, the dog-poop issue is a health issue, as well as an "enjoyment of living" issue, and I think Denver ought to be happy to pay a few off-duty cops some extra income to actually do "doody" duty. The price for defacing and endangering our beautiful parks with excretia should be $1,000, plus a thousand hours for picking up all the shit in every park! Has anyone ever seen someone getting a poop ticket? So, I'm for some off-leash places, but NIMBY -- and In My Backyard, I'd like existing laws severely enforced!

Second, I agree with Denise LaNay's letter in the April 3 issue. Your Best of Denver 2003 is best suited to lining the birdcage. I'm sorry my bird died a few years ago. Your stupid categories are, as she said, "high school drivel," and not worth the time wading through to find the few meaningful or informative ones. Enough already -- grow up!

Liana Lansing

Curb your phone calls: Denver may consider itself a "world-class city," but its Division of Animal Control is strictly Mayberry. It's surprising and disappointing that, by design, they make it difficult for citizens to call and report animals running at large. When their main number is dialed after 5 p.m. on weekdays and at any time on weekends, the phone rings many times without being answered. Finally, a recording says that no operator is available, and the caller is then hung up on. No voice-mail or hold queue. Very rude, very unprofessional.

Roger Evans

The Rest of the Best

Relocation, relocation, relocation: Reading some of your Best of Denver 2003, I was a little disappointed in your editing. You said in the Best Mammoth category that it was an expansion team. In fact, the Colorado Mammoth was known as the Washington Power last year. It is a relocated franchise, much like another property owned by Silent Stan.

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