Letters to the Editor

From the week of April 10, 2003

Chad Bartmann
via the Internet

Hip-hop hurrah: I am sure that you get your fair share of feedback on the Best of Denver issue, so I will keep it short when I ask...no Best Hip-Hop Group??????

I personally know of over ten collectives in this town that are working hard to put Denver on the map, and if you need the info, I am sure the 1190 Basementalism crew would have been glad to advise you on this category. I realize that you have a lot to consider and that putting an issue like this together requires a lot of work, but if there is enough time to research the Best Trad-Country Vocalist, don't you think hip-hop might deserve a small hurrah?

I hope you guys consider this next year, because I know a few people this year were left feeling slightly disappointed.

Selecta Roswell

Higher and higher: HigherListening.com as Best Local-Music Web Site? I know you guys hate the Rocky Mountain News, but they have a kickin' local-music site. The best I've seen in Denver!

Jennifer Akina
via the Internet

Music to our ears: Thank you for recognizing us as the Best Local Recording. Westword has been a breath of fresh air in an incredibly tough local-music scene. Through ten years of making music in the Denver area, we have found Westword to be diligent in its pursuit of recognizing the creative and hardworking Denver-area musicians. It also gives us hope when such a large publication will recognize a project that is so rooted in anti-establishment, free-thinking creative pursuits. Thank you for drawing attention to a project that has the sole purpose of trying to help people wake from their commercialized slumber and explore their own creative and spiritual power.

Gold Hill

Peak performance: Please extend a huge thank you from all of us at Swallow Hill to the fine folks at Westword for recognizing us in your Best of Denver 2003. Like Westword, Swallow Hill is a big family of extremely dedicated folks. Our success in recent years is largely due to the willingness of so many wonderful music lovers to go way beyond the call and do what has to be done.

While I am grateful for the recognition, you should know that many others are equally responsible for our growth and success. For example, Becky Miklich, our wonderful music-school director, has been with Swallow Hill for more than thirteen years. We recently renamed the music school the Julie Davis School of Folk Music to show our appreciation for the decades of hard work and commitment that Julie Davis has given to Swallow Hill.

Of the 168 concerts of outstanding folk musicians we presented last year, not one had their music played on any radio station in Denver. Despite that fact, we enjoyed the largest attendance and gross income for concerts in our history, and we are on track for another record-breaking year in 2003. The enrollment in the music school is also breaking records.

We enjoy a broad support base throughout the Front Range, and we are very grateful for all you do to remind folks we are here.

Jim Williams, executive director
Swallow Hill Music Association

The Inn Crowd

Regarding the Regency: In response to David Holthouse's March 13 "Motel Hell," I have been the manager of the Regency for approximately six months, and I am all over this hotel throughout the day, evening and night. I have seen many things, but I have never run into a crack pipe in the elevator. However, if I do, I would love to mail it to Mr. Holthouse in order to educate him on what a crack pipe looks like. This way, he will not have to fabricate one in his story to make it more exhilarating and horrendous.

We do not have a guest registered as Lee, nor does Lee exist. I have never had a self-appointed elevator man, nor have I ever appointed anyone to accompany a guest in the elevator. There is not a person in this hotel who has ever seen or met Lee except David Holthouse. This was one more fabrication to arouse more intrigue in the article. Furthermore, I do not have methamphetamine in this hotel. I know what I do have, and I know my problems in this hotel. Methamphetamine is not a drug that our clientele participates in. Check convictions records and find out who are the main users of meth. You really should do research before printing fabricated fiction and trying to pass it off as truth. This hotel has never had a meth lab. I have helped bust two meth labs in another hotel. I know what to look for, how to find it, and who is more probable to use and cook it. You should check records back as far as thirty years, as there is no evidence of this occurring or being a problem at my hotel. What drug of choice was Mr. Holthouse on in order to have the wild hallucinations that he did during his stay at my fine establishment?

Furthermore, where did he learn the Queen's English? As a professional commentary, he should pick his colorful words more carefully. His comment about being "thoroughly dissed by a dude with flaming-orange cowboy boots" is a comment I would correct at my dinner table with my children, who would have been in junior high school.

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