Letters to the Editor

From the week of April 10, 2003

After reading this article, I think you must have found some of Elvis Presley's old prescriptions that he possibly left here, because the story does not in any way reflect the Regency Hotel today. If you would have labeled it "Fiction," I would have deemed it an uneducated script with a touch of humor in content. However, trying to represent this story as legitimate, when it is nothing more than seventh-grade reading, poor English, lies, racial annotations and slanderous in content, is contemptuous. Hopefully, you will become more professional and start printing reality in your articles with the use of more proper English.

Please print my version of reality.

Darla Calvert, general manager (and proud of it)
Regency Hotel

Room service: David Holthouse, let's start from the beginning. The elevators at the Regency are perfectly safe: They are inspected on a weekly and monthly basis by a professional elevator company licensed by the City and County of Denver. Everyone who has any education past elementary schooling understands a simple fact of electricity. If someone was to shove a bent key into an electrical socket such as an elevator button, that person would probably be lying on his rear end from electrical shock.

As for your racial statement, Mr. Holthouse, regarding cinnamon-skinned men speaking Spanish and the insinuation that it is okay to be a white professional doing cocaine in the bar bathrooms in LoDo, I personally thought racism was a part of the past, but you have proved me to be wrong. Just because we are Mexican, are we not allowed to have expensive belts, boots and hats? What do you have against Mexicans? If you and your Doc Martens were not in the bathroom looking at every crotch to see if you could find some cocaine in someone's pants, you would not have been called a faggot -- if, in fact, that statement was even made. This dramatic touch is most probably just another lie you made up.

Furthermore, I have gay friends, and they are no different than you, me or anyone else. In fact, I used to have a best friend who was a gay female, and she was one of the best people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. So be very careful making slanderous remarks about people's skin and sexual preferences. I really think you should seek professional counseling, as it appears you have some personal inhibitions, especially with skin color and sexuality.

Also, if you would only try to educate yourself in spelling and speaking Spanish properly, it would be much appreciated. There is no such word as "heinie." Was this another one of your racial comments?

The owner of the Regency Hotel stated to me that you misquoted him in several parts of your ridiculous article and neglected to even print the facts, even after you promised you would print his statements exactly as he made them to you.

At last, let's talk about the man by the pool, if you were in fact on your way back from the club to the hotel. You obviously were staying at some other hotel, as the outdoor pool is at the north end of the property, the club is in the middle of the property, and the tower is at the south end of the property. Even someone who has been drinking can see the tower from a mile away (the tower is where you allegedly resided the night of your stay), which is not even close to the pool area. This appears to be another fabrication of the truth.

Daniel I. Gonzalez
Regency Hotel

David Holthouse responds: In the past, I have enjoyed the company of crackheads while they were sucking the glass dick. Therefore, I know precisely what a crack pipe looks like, and I do believe that was a crack pipe I saw in the Regency Hotel's professionally inspected elevator. So while I appreciate Ms. Calvert's offer to send me illegal drug paraphernalia through the mail, I think it would be in both of our best interests if she refrained.

Lee does exist, or at least he did last month (Lee's lifestyle, like that of many who stay at the Regency, is not one that promotes longevity). I have no idea if his name is actually Lee, or what name he checked in under; I must point out to Ms. Calvert the outside possibility that some guests of her fine establishment are not entirely honest as to their identity when they fill out their registration cards. I'm willing to give the benefit of the doubt to Mr. Gonzales's assertion that the Regency's elevators are professionally inspected and perfectly safe. So are most carnival rides, which are still scary - just like the Regency's elevators.

As for "heinie," I'm pretty sure that's universal language for "piece of ass," but given the noise swirling around that conversation, it's possible I misheard the orange-booted fashion critic, and, if so, my bad. But no way did I misquote Regency owner Art Cormier: I taped our phone interview, and anyone who wants a copy of the tape is welcome to it.

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