Letters to the Editor

From the week of April 10, 2003

It's no surprise that both Ms. Calvert and Mr. Gonzalez brand me a racist. In the past, whenever anyone has turned up evidence of drug use associated with his businesses, Mr. Cormier has defended himself by crying racism. Now his employees are blowing the same old smoke on his behalf. For the record, though, neither I nor my Doc Martens have anything against Mexicans -- or, for that matter, people who snort cocaine, cinnamon-skinned or otherwise. (My drug of choice in reporting the Regency story was tequila.)

Finally, while I am hesitant to throw any business Mr. Cormier's way, I encourage anyone who doubts the veracity of my article to stay at the Regency for a couple of nights. Roam the grounds and walk the stairwells at one or two in the morning. Hang out in the pool area. See if I'm full of shit or not. Be warned, though: That place will go David Lynch on your ass in a hurry.

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