Letters to the Editor

From the week of April 17, 2003

But then again, I'm sure your newspaper needs something to write about. Hate to tell you, they're five shows deep in their tour, and your pathetic column has not hurt anything. So keep trying till you find somebody who will read your newspaper. Also, I am not scared to hear a response from you, but I know you've got more lies to cook up.

I just burnt your ass, lady.

Michael Evans
Logan, West Virginia

Clearing the Air

Put up or shut up: I just read Michael Roberts's April 3 "Rally Time," on Clear Channel and the pro-America rallies, and I still don't know what to make of it. I came up with an idea to set it straight.

Peter Boyles and Westword editor Patty Calhoun are tight on Channel 12, so let's get Calhoun to have Boyles explain it. A half-hour of airtime should be sufficient. Clear Channel wouldn't mind, right?

Maybe not right. Boyles hasn't talked about anything local in forever. Not a peep about the Denver mayor's race or anything else. This leads me to conclude that he's been muzzled by a corporation that doesn't want any more lawsuits. I may be wrong, but I miss the days of Pete dropping the hammer on Mr. Mayor, the cops, and the rest of the grifters and grafters running this town.

Other Clear Channel hosts have said on the air, "Oh, no, the suits don't control what we say." Can we believe them? It's no wonder I listen to KNUS and KNRC almost exclusively. Clear Channel still sucks!

Pat Desrosiers

Chick tricks: Here's a little satire regarding Clear Channel's recent attack on the Dixie Chicks, an apology from Natalie Maines:

"As a concerned American citizen, I apologize to President Bush because my remark was disrespectful. I now realize that whoever holds that office should be treated with the utmost respect. I hope everyone understands I'm just a young girl who grew up in Texas. As far back as I can remember, I heard people say they were ashamed of President Clinton. I saw bumperstickers calling him everything from a pothead to a murderer. I heard people on the radio and TV like Rush Limbaugh, Pat Robertson, Newt Gingrich and Trent Lott badmouthing the President and ridiculing his wife and daughter at every opportunity.

"I heard lots of people disrespecting the President. So I guess I just assumed it was acceptable behavior.

"But now, thanks to the thousands of angry people who want radio stations to boycott our music because criticizing the President is unpatriotic, I realize it's wrong to have a liberal opinion if you're a country-music artist. I guess I should have thought about that before deciding to play music that attracts hypocritical rednecks.

"I also realize now that I'm supposed to just sing and look cute so our fans won't have anything to upset them while they're cheating on their wives or getting in drunken bar fights or driving around in their pickup trucks shooting highway signs and small animals.

"And most important of all, I realize that it's wrong for a celebrity to voice a political opinion, unless they're Charlie Daniels, Clint Black, Merle Haggard, Barbara Mandrell, Loretta Lynn, Ricky Skaggs, Travis Tritt, Hank Williams Jr., Amy Grant, Larry Gatlin, Crystal Gayle, Reba McEntire, Lee Greenwood, Lorrie Morgan, Anita Bryant, Mike Oldfield, Ted Nugent, Wayne Newton, Dick Clark, Jay Leno, Drew Carey, Dixie Carter, Victoria Jackson, Charleton Heston, Fred Thompson, Ben Stein, Bruce Willis, Kevin Costner, Arnold Schwartzenegger, Bo Derek, Rick Schroeder, George Will, Pat Buchanan, Bill O'Reilly, Joe Rogan, Delta Burke, Robert Conrad or Jesse Ventura.

"God Bless America."

Jim Williams

View with some room: People I speak with are getting tired of liberal reporting. We are not getting the whole story, only a slanted view. I encourage media outlets to begin to change their stands, as a lot of people are going to wherever they can find fair and balanced news reporting.

Rosemary Holbert
Colorado Springs

Critical mass: The mass media in the United States is one of the most awesome and effective propaganda systems that has ever existed in world history. Whether it is biased to the left or to the right is simply part of that propaganda system -- a diversionary tactic.

There are thousands of pages of documentation supporting the conclusion that the purpose of the mass media is to cultivate public stupidity and conformity in order to protect the parasitic capitalist elite from interference by the masses.

John Cassella

Hacks and flacks: Talk about the pot calling the kettles hacks.

Michael Roberts's errors of commission and omission and his historical revisionism in his April 3 Message drop him squarely into the overheated oil of the left. He gulps rancid -- though popular -- Lefty Lard and fries in his own fat by parroting liberal distortions, misrepresentations and lies, desperately clinging to the hope that by adding a heapin' helpin' of aggressive ignorance, he's doing his part to keep the vituperative soufflé of the left's hoary anti-Americanism from collapsing.

It'd make a good Steven Segal movie treatment: eeevvviiilll white male plutocratic multinat CEOs high-kick, à la Springtime for Hitler, into the Oval Office and command the drooling tool of the capitalist running dogs behind the desk to steal Saddam's oil! Only with Rainforest Math can one conclude there's enough oil under Iraq to pay for the war. The six degrees of separation between Bush and the owner of Clear Channel and that some of the media giant's DJs and yak hosts are using their pulpit to organize pro-America rallies fail to prove Roberts's laughable suggestion that an eyes-only directive from CC Corporate demands that they do so (secretly, bwahahaha!) to enrich Bush and his friends. Roberts, working directly from his dog-eared Liberal Playbook (eds., Arnett, Daschle, Chomsky, et al.), managed to stuff his April 3 column with non-sequiturs, tortured reasoning, pretzelized thinking and general nit-wittery, but never actually proved that CC hosts who support the war effort are Stepford Conservatives doing the Multinat Shuffle. What Roberts does prove is that lockstep Lefties tend to bleat -- and believe -- intellectually vacant conspiracy theories, critical thought be damned!

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