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Pandora's Box Closes
Ladies' underwear, half off

Christopher Smith
A model gets spicey along the catwalk.
A model gets spicey along the catwalk.

It was fun -- very fun -- while it lasted. But on May 31, when the lights go out at Pandora's Toy Box, it's not to signal the start of lots of nasty, naughty action. No, Pandora's -- the adult toy store that Kevin Larson first introduced on South Broadway, then moved to 4380 East Alameda Avenue earlier this year -- is closing its doors, shutting up shop, putting an end to the good vibrations after five years of serving all of Denver's sensual needs. But Larson, who took his job so seriously that he decided to invent the ideal vibrator when he heard women couldn't find the perfect tool, isn't giving up on pleasurable pursuits altogether: He's getting into the nightclub business. In the meantime, at a store where customers try on lingerie that's already half, if not entirely, off, the prices are slashed. Come again! And again! For information and hours, call 303-778-8828. -- Patricia Calhoun

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