Off Limits

GOP of the heap

But since they'd anticipated that Stern would accept their motion to dismiss, the state's attorneys weren't ready to take their case any further that day. So the two sides agreed that Kelley and Kiernan-Johnson would call their witnesses and the court would recess until July 18, giving the AG's office time to prepare its case. "Without deciding on [anything], he allowed us to go ahead and present our case and let them take as much time as they need," Kiernan-Johnson says. "I think it went quite well and that we will prevail."

Which is exactly what Levitt was doing not twelve hours later, accepting a $1,500 scholarship to help pay for her junior year at Metro. "It was just really exciting," she says. "It made me very proud, like my hard work is paying off and I'm accomplishing something. We want to change the policy to make sure they hold their meetings open that fall under Colorado law. I think it's important for students to know what happens when they break the student code, how it's handled and the outcome."

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