It All Adds Up

Proof proves to be a wonderful evening of theater.

Brett Aune is one of the finest actors around, and he brings both passion and particularity to the role of Hal. You believe he's brainy: Just watch the squinched intensity with which he listens to Robert discuss mathematics. He's also nerdy and nerdily charming; the energy between him and Catherine -- sexual, intellectual, vulnerable, protective -- is completely disarming. Paul Borillo turns in a warm, moving performance as Robert. He's particularly effective in the scene in which the mathematician seems to find his ability to work again. He makes the fire that produced Robert's breakthroughs transparent to the audience, as well as the jolting meltdown of that extraordinary intellect.

Director Christy Montour-Larson has clearly worked empathetically with these fine actors. Bill Curley's set is solid, balanced, realistic and finely detailed; Matthew Morgan has provided aching violin music, and the lighting is evocative -- particularly the sunset glow at the upper window, behind which Robert scribbles in his endless notebooks. It's particularly pleasurable to watch Proof in the intimate space at the Acoma Center, where you can hear the actors breathing and become absorbed in the world they create.


Proof Presented by Curious Theatre Company through July 12, Acoma Center, 1080 Acoma Street, 303-623-0524,

In short, this is a triumph for Curious, and one of the best evenings of theater I've experienced in the past couple of years. -- Wittman

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