Edifice Complex

The little guy went big time...and the results are monumental.

Webb, the underdog turned top dog, did not get out while the getting was good, and the past two years have been a fast fall from the penthouse to the doghouse. Judging from recent projections, Denver's next mayor may have it even worse. (Most likely candidate for chief of staff: the fellow who administers the lethal injections at Cañon City -- because in this economic climate, what are the odds that he'll be asked to deliver good news on the mayor's behalf?)

But for at least a week, even as Denver's newly elected mayor starts getting fitted for office, this city will glow once more -- if not in reality, at least on the video that's being produced for the mayors' edification. That can be Webb's consolation prize for losing Denver: A World-Class City, a documentary on Denver from the '90s through today (a period that conveniently overlapped Webb's entire mayoral term) that was killed by city council when it learned that the Office of Television and Internet Services had budgeted $200,000 for the project. By then, though, Webb already had his Wellington E. Webb Municipal Office Building -- and some of OTIS's file footage should come in handy for the mayors' video.

Webb's also been working to secure donations -- the goal was $800,000, which neatly balances the $1 million the conference is estimated to pump into Denver's economy -- so that the mayors can be feted in style. At a reception at the brand-spanking-new Space Odyssey at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science (attire: business casual). At a reception at the Denver Performing Arts Complex (business casual). At a board dinner at Cableland, Official Residence of the Mayor of Denver (invitation only, possible screening of Denver: A World-Class City, the uncut version). And at Red Rocks Amphitheatre Visitor Center (casual), to be followed by...what else?

The 3rd Annual Wellington E. Webb Music Festival.

Has a certain ring, doesn't it?

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