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THURS, 6/19

Photographer Larry Laszlo has developed several passions over the years. One is photography, of course; another is cooking. And those two loves merge in the tasty Feast for the Eyes, an exhibit that runs through July 20 at Marczyk Fine Foods, 770 East 17th Avenue. "I started shooting markets a long time ago," explains Laszlo. "It was more like diary shooting: I made a record of places I visited." For assignments in exotic locales, he'd often arrive a day early so he could visit the area markets before he got down to business -- shooting stars at the Cannes Film Festival, for example. "It was only in the last few years that I realized, 'Gee, this is an interesting collection of pictures,'" Laszlo says of his market photos. "It's documentary stuff. It's not some close-up of a wrinkled bell pepper; it's a wrinkled vendor with a pile of bell peppers."

Barbara Macfarlane, who owns the market with her husband, Pete Marczyk, spotted the photos at Laszlo's studio and decided to make them part of Marczyk's special lineup. "It's great to do wine-tastings, and it's great to do hamburger roasts and pig roasts to get the food in everyone's mouths," she says. "But if people love food, they're going to find these interesting."

Larry Laszlo is in the market for food and photos.
Larry Laszlo is in the market for food and photos.
Christopher Smith

And if they love food and photography, they won't want to miss the 7 p.m. opening tonight. "Larry usually takes pictures of different kinds of hams," says Macfarlane. For information, call 303-329-8979. -- Patricia Calhoun

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