Dead to Rights

Zombie flick 28 Days Later gets back to ghoulish basics.

One can nitpick about certain details. How, for instance, does a package-delivery man suddenly become a deadly assassin capable of taking on trained soldiers? Why, when you know zombies favor darkness, would you opt to go down an unlit tunnel rather than take the long way around? And why, once you've done that, would you stop to change a flat tire in the dark tunnel rather than maybe driving on the rim for a little while longer? On the last two questions, Jim does offer a rebuttal of sorts: "This is a shit idea. You know why? Because it's really obviously a shit idea!" In the first instance, though, it seems that Boyle is making some sort of point about human rage, because the virus is also called Rage. They are us, and we are them, you know. Whatever. The deep thematic concerns are never fully developed, but the characters are, and the story compels.

Bugged out: Cillian Murphy is lonely in 28 Days 
Bugged out: Cillian Murphy is lonely in 28 Days Later.

Also, the movie's pretty scary. That's what counts.

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