Nail Art

Skip and Amy once worked the mall together. Now she's out on her own.

Amy hasn't been in contact with her probation officer since she left Arapahoe House, and while she hasn't gotten any letters from the officer, she's sure she's in trouble. She is trying to get clean and get off the street. She signed up for the city's new Starting Transitions and Recovery program, which will provide her with free methadone and free housing. She hopes it will iron out her probation problems, but STAR keeps moving back her start date.

"Sometimes I really enjoy myself. I'll think, I'm so happy that I can be outside all day and I don't have to sit at a desk or a cubicle or make anybody's hamburger, and I think what a great job this is. I don't even have to pay taxes...

"And then on other days, it'll be like, God, everybody is treating me like I'm here to be spit upon, and sometimes it's just awful, and I think I should just go home and kill myself rather than be out here putting nails in my face for spare change."

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