Lowdown on Lowriders

Cars are cool at Six Flags Elitch Gardens

Firefly Furnishings is located at 200 Quebec Street, Building 500, Unit 105. For more information, call 303-364-4049. -- Susan Froyd

Hit the Bricks
The Pearl Street Mall is playing your song

On the surface, the notion that anyone would need to bring in entertainers to the Pearl Street Mall seems absurd. Because such folks flock there during the summertime, officials probably couldn't keep them out if they tried. Yet Downtown Boulder, a nonprofit dedicated to promoting the city's center, is indeed importing talent under two separate programs this summer. Out to Lunch lures musicians and street performers such as magician Brian Dino, who will prestidigitate on the 1200 block of Pearl Street on Thursday, July 17; the Rebecca Folsom Band, slated to play on the 1300 block on Friday, July 18; and the Spin Guy, a yo-yo master who strings along on the 1100 block on Tuesday, July 22. There's also Bands on the Bricks, a free concert series that will present the venerable Freddi-Henchi Band at 7 p.m. Wednesday, July 23, in front of the Boulder County Courthouse. This is the ninth year for Bands on the Bricks, and Downtown Boulder program manager Rosemary Lindsay thinks the current lineup is the best and most popular to date: A June 18 appearance by Chris Daniels & the Kings drew a crowd of 1,200. As for Out to Lunch, it's designed to give those who come downtown on weekdays a taste of the fun to be had on weekends. As Lindsay says, "It's intended to let people strolling along the mall bump into a wonderful experience."

DeLaney Farms celebrates the good earth.
DeLaney Farms celebrates the good earth.
Firefly Furnishings caters to kids.
Firefly Furnishings caters to kids.

Or maybe a yo-yo master. -- Michael Roberts

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