Off Limits

With friends like these...

Observations: Got permission from the woman to fly to New York and defend her to Katie Couric.

Quote: "I called her and said, 'Do you mind if I go on?' And she said, 'I would appreciate it. So many people are talking about me, and they don't even know me.'"

Rachel Yandle

Jing Tsong

Spoke to: Today, the New York Daily News

Identified as: A "friend" who knew the woman "from school and choir and musicals, cheerleading. We went on a choir trip to California, and we were buddies the whole time."

Observations: After Bryant was charged with sexual assault, Yandle called and asked if she wanted to go see Bad Boys II.

Quote: "When CNN called my house and wanted to interview me, that's when I found out who it was."

Pick of the litter: Since the July 25 release of photographs featuring Saddam Hussein's dead sons Qusai and Odai, plenty of media organizations have given info junkies a chance to check out the pics. But only the Rocky Mountain News briefly allowed Web surfers to choose which shot they liked best. The images were initially accompanied on by the phrase "Select your favorite photo below, then click the VOTE button."

According to Mike Noe, the Rocky's Internet news editor, the slide show application used to display the pictures includes the vote feature. About twenty minutes after the photos went live, several people in the newsroom realized that, in this case, it shouldn't have. "We thought, 'Crap! We've got to take that down!'" says Noe, who adds that a switch has now been placed on the application to turn the voting option on and off.

Unfortunately, no results were recorded. Our money was on Odai.

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