The High Cost of Free Speech

RTD pays a six-figure settlement for muzzling its own directors.

"They stole my ability to practice my profession," McCroskey says. "It went beyond embarrassment to be elected to the board but not be able to do the job."

McCroskey, who was RTD's chairman during the construction of the early phases of light rail downtown, left the board three years ago. These days his primary job is hawking his book; last week he was working the crowd at Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper's inauguration. The final section of Light Rail and Heavy Politics devotes considerable attention to the free-speech battles of a certain RTD boardmember, but the lawsuit's resolution was reached too late to be included.

Say anything: Former RTD boardmember Jack 
Susan Goldstein
Say anything: Former RTD boardmember Jack McCroskey.

It's an omission McCroskey plans to rectify. "I've got to rewrite the last chapter," he says.

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