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Sculpture sprouts in Loveland

The Gang's All Beer
Central City raises the bar on brews
SAT, 8/9

Central City puts the fun in fundraiser today with The Central City 500, an attempt to break -- okay, set -- the world record for drinking 500 beers. All the swilling is for a good cause: raising money for the renovation of the Belvidere Theater, which was built back in 1875 -- three years before the famed opera house made its debut in the then-booming mining town. Coors Brewing, another Colorado landmark, has donated 31 cases of Coors Original to the cause, and cans start popping at exactly 1 p.m. A stopwatch will determine how long it takes to drain 500 cans (the four left over are allotted to "spillage"). The more participants, of course, the faster the beer will disappear. And is there an official record to beat? "Not that we know of," says organizer Lew Cady. "But there will be later that day." It costs only $10 to join in the fun, and that buys you not only all the beers you can drink until they run out, but also a T-shirt with the slogan "I drank 500 beers in record time on August 9, 2003." Simply show up with the cash, your ID and a big thirst shortly before 1 p.m. at the Belvidere, across from the Big Triangle free parking lot in Central City. -- Patricia Calhoun

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