The Beatdown

Rarities comp samplers are a rare treat that canít be bought.

He also hopes that musicians understand that the additions made to the Dove -- the ticket kiosk, the marquee, the new lighting system -- will ultimately benefit the scene by helping the club compete with other venues that book national acts. And how, exactly, would that work? It would generate opportunities for local bands to open for nationals and get exposed to bigger audiences, Makkay says. Not to mention, it would help the Dove stay afloat so that it can continue to support local music.

And local music has its place, Makkay insists. LoDo and the Dove are part of that place, he says, despite what posters may be saying on the message board.

"There's a lot of bands that do quite well, and there are a lot of bands that don't work well in LoDo. It's like, I play in a punk band -- you know the sound -- and those types that go to LoDo are less likely to come out in droves to see us because of what our fan base is like," he says. "If you're an unsigned band, you're not going to have many people come see you, anyway, so, yeah, LoDo is going to be difficult for you."

If you haven't been to the Dove to see the new additions for yourself, or if you're one of the faceless naysayers and want to address Makkay directly -- or you simply like good music -- be sure to head to LoDo this weekend, when a slew of homegrown artists will showcase their wares at the Dove's annual Rock Fest. On Friday, August 8, Voodoo Brown, Royal Bliss, Sketch, Rubber Planet and Makkay's own King Rat will perform. And on Saturday, August 9, Losing November, Love .45, Carolyn's Mother, Ordinary Poets (formerly Acoustic Circus) and Rexway will rock the house.

I'm sold on that -- if not on the rest of the buying and processing that seem so inescapable in the music business these days. Taking a cue from Lloyd Dobler, some days I'd rather kickbox.

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