Letters to the Editor

From the week of August 14, 2003

Thanks for trying to make us look bad, jackass, but let's talk about recent California contributions to history: the O.J. fiasco, the Rodney King riots, the Manson family, Robert Blake, Chandra Levy, Suge Knight and, finally, Kobe -- just to name a few. Not to mention the current gubernatorial race that features Gary Coleman, the Terminator, Larry Flynt of Hustler fame and anyone else with $3,500. I think most Coloradans will agree with your own statement that "I was finally so desperate I took a job in L.A." Yeah, you must have been extremely desperate to go to a psych ward like L.A.

To quote one group of Californians I do like, Tool: "Let It Swim." God, I love that song; it should be mandatory listening for all Californians. Any Californians who do not like Colorado, go back to California...and take Boulder with you!

Jason Novak

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