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No "yippie!" in this announcement: In last week's "Trust the System," I botched the hours for Bear Creek Tavern (29540 Highway 74, Kittredge). It's open every day but Tuesday and until 10 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays.

Finally, according to a press release recently received here at Bite Me World HQ, the Raelian Movement (remember?) has come out in favor of genetically modified food. According to the release, the Raelian Movement -- founded by His Holiness Rael in 1973 and recently made infamous by its allegedly successful cloning of a human being -- feels it is "important for people to understand that GMOs are tested for toxicity, allergenicity and safety," according to Dr. Hortense Dodo (and I'm not making that name up). "GMOs are not contaminating non-GM and organic crops, nor threatening the diversity of the entire ecosystem."

Ably getting Dr. Dodo's back, His Holiness Rael adds, "It is all too easy for Westerners to proclaim from the top of their obese tower that GM foods are dangerous. However, what is more hazardous for [Third World countries] is not to have any food at all. The rest pales into insignificance."

Closed location

All right! So that puts agricultural megacorporations like Monsanto and Meristem Therapeutics, the Boulder city government, the Raelians and me (see Bite Me, July 17) in favor of GM crops, and pretty much the rest of the free fucking world on the other side of the debate. Nothing like being in good company.

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