The Beatdown

The music industry is in a shambles, but Suburban Home is celebrating independence day.

Here's hoping the venture succeeds. We need more independently produced art and artists put out by guys like Dickerson. And only we, the consumers, can stop the madness perpetrated by the corporate devils in the music biz. They're only able to keep perpetuating this outrageousness because we allow them to. By supporting the little guys like Dickerson, we speak the only language these spineless weasels understand: the almighty dollar.

So stop by the Suburban Home anniversary party this Friday, September 19, at the Gothic. Pick up a copy of Black Heart Affair, then stay to watch Cost of Living (the new band made up of ex-members of Qualm), Laymen Terms, Stereotyperider, Adventures of Jet, Love Me Destroyer and the Gamits tear it up. It's like my man Nino Brown said in New Jack City: "Money talks and bullshit runs the marathon."

With that in mind, let's just say Wax Trax on the hill won't be running in the Bolder Boulder next year. As if you needed any more incentive to get behind the indies, here's one more. The little store that could, which started out almost 25 years ago at 638 East 13th Avenue before absorbing almost an entire city block and opening up a Boulder store, has decided to "move the Boulder store back to Denver," says Dave Kerr, Trax's buyer/manager, with a laugh. "The rent is too high. It's a 'lose an arm to save the body' kind of thing. The overhead is so high up there." According to Kerr, Trax was paying $3,000 a month to lease the space. And though Boulder won't be left without a place to get tunes -- Albums on the Hill is across the street -- Trax on the Hill will be sorely missed when it leaves at the end of October, especially in light of the loss of Tulagi a few weeks ago.

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