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From the week of September 18, 2003

Let me say in conclusion that every child can learn and every person can teach. So the next time you encounter a teacher, thank him or her for a job well done. Because teachers are thought of as second-class citizens and are not shown the respect that I know we deserve. Way to go teachers: We do what others won't.

Name withheld on request

The same old story: I was fascinated by "See Jane Read" because it's so familiar. I have a son who, like Jane, is very bright but had problems that landed him in the special-ed system in Boulder in elementary school. I was basically talked into it by his school's staff, who convinced me the special-ed system would provide real help for him, but the truth was that their idea of help was to construct a yearly IEP and then stick him in a special-ed classroom with other kids with completely different needs and do almost nothing for any of them. In fact, I suspect the main motivation for the school's pressure was that they used the special-ed room as a safety valve for the regular classroom teacher so that she could get the more challenging kids out of her room for an hour a day.

I spent a great deal of time and money going to tutors after school to get him the concrete, direct instruction he needed. I used to fantasize about sending the school a bill for $5,000-plus for my annual expenses getting him useful help. One of the ironies of the IEP system is that the school will gather a roomful of highly paid specialists to write up a document that reads "Student will write coherent, 3 sentence paragraphs" without having any plan of making it happen. The responsibility for learning how to do the skills listed in a student's IEP is completely placed on the student.

Thankfully for my son, our family had the financial resources and the understanding needed to get help for him. I know for a fact that other kids aren't so lucky. The special-education system in Colorado is a farce. In my opinion, the school districts should be truthful and admit that they have no real educational services for kids with learning disabilities. By pretending otherwise, they fool quite a few parents into thinking that everything that's necessary and possible is being done for their children and delay or even prevent these kids from getting the help they need.

Sharon Solomon

A family affair: Knowing Jane her whole life has been a pleasure. Watching Jane put together a dog for the show ring, at her age, is art. The team that is the Komperda family is amazing.

The article...priceless.

Joanne Cook
Deer Trail

Diss Honor

Air farce academy: Thank you for Julie Jargon's excellent "Honor Thy Academy," in the September 11 issue. I am especially excited to read that Andrea Prasse's case is being revisited. I've followed her cause with great interest and hope and pray that not only will Andrea will be cleared of these charges, but that her accuser must face punishment and be made to publicly apologize to Andrea for his accusations.

I look forward to more exposés.

Arleen Blackstone
Fort Walton Beach, Florida

A Bad Case of Sons Burn

Three strikes, Sheehan's out: Jason Sheehan should be appalled at his "Same Old, Same Old" review of Three Sons in the September 11 issue. Not only is he completely and totally off base about Three Sons, but his language is abysmal! I find it very difficult to respect the opinion of someone who cannot write a restaurant review without the vulgar language he chose to spout throughout his inaccurate and unfair tirade concerning a Denver landmark!

Amie Mayhew

That hits the spot: I'm no trained chef or restaurant critic, but I do think I know good food when I eat it. Especially Italian food (my mom and sister-in-law are both from Italy, and they are great cooks). I have to agree with Jason Sheehan about Three Sons. I think it fucking sucks, and has for quite a while. It was good long ago, but as he said, it's showing its age. Hopefully, Three Sons will read your review and it will give them the kick in the ass they need.

I love going to good, locally owned restaurants -- chains suck. It's one of the joys in life. I love reading Sheehan's reviews, too. Keep up the good work!

John Dickinson

Crackpot: With all due respect to Jason Sheehan, I believe he is "smoking crack," as all the young people say.

I have been frequenting Three Sons since 1972. I went to school with two of the three brothers, so maybe I am slightly biased; however, I have never in some thirty years had a meal there as bad as he described. I think he's being totally harsh on this one. Granted, I'm not an aficionado of all the trendy new LoDo restaurants, but I still believe my tastebuds are fairly intact and know good food.

I think Jason needs to direct his venom away from north Denver. Thank you very much!

Karen Arko

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