Nerves You Right

Erase Errata's abrasive strain of avant-rock gets on your nerves in a good way.

"I'd never even heard of a lot of these bands until people started comparing us to them in every article," Hoyston reiterates. "It might just be that we were influenced by some of the same things that influenced all those bands in the late '70s or whenever. I don't really listen to any of that dance-y stuff that people think is supposed to sound like us; I try not to listen to anything with any kind of disco beat or anything like that."

Still, this aversion to dance rhythms didn't stop Erase Errata from releasing a twelve-inch of mirror-ball-friendly remixes earlier this year. With tracks by underground electronic artists like Kid 606, Matmos, Kevin Blechdom and Adult, the disc confirms what Erase Errata concert-goers have known all along: The group's music can have a wrenching effect on your pelvis.

"Yeah, people go crazy dancing when we play," Hoyston concedes. "Sometimes it's just bobbing, depending on the crowd, and sometimes it's total crowd-surfing. You can't help it; at our shows, something just kind of takes over."

Erratic movement: Bianca Sparta (from left), Sara 
Jaffe, Ellie Erickson and Jenny Hoyston are Erase 
Winni Wintermeyer
Erratic movement: Bianca Sparta (from left), Sara Jaffe, Ellie Erickson and Jenny Hoyston are Erase Errata.


With Numbers, the Vanishing and My Calculus Beats Your Algebra
9 p.m. Thursday, September 25
Climax Lounge, 2217 Welton Street
$8, 303-292-5483

Indeed, her lyrics to the song "Dexterity Is #2" read like a veritable get-down manifesto -- or at least the storyboard to a Michael Jackson video: "Mirror footprints on the floor/Follow those steps as they light up/Dexterity is part of being a good citizen/Dance, U.S.A., dance!"

"Most of the songs we play live are our kind of dance songs," says Hoyston, "the songs that get people really hyped up. It makes things a lot more interactive and thrilling. And it makes me, as a performer, feel a part of something as opposed to just being the television for these people tonight." (Coincidentally, one of the songs on Other Animals is titled "How to Tell Yourself From a Television.") "Sometimes people just sit there and watch you like they watch a movie. I like when they get excited about what's going on. I would hope that people go away with some kind of extra energy or physical empowerment from having jumped around and had fun."

But Hoyston has a more personal, even selfish reason for inciting fans to party on the dance floor at Erase Errata shows. "I really appreciate it when people are going nuts," she confesses with a laugh. "That means they're not just standing there and making me nervous."

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