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March 5: Congressman Tom Tancredo calls Air Force Academy leaders to step down and demands court martials for any cadet accused of rape.

March 7: Air Force Chief of Staff General John Jumper defends academy leadership, saying he has no evidence that they were responsible for the rapes.

March 17: The Department of Defense announces it will begin an independent inquiry at the request of Allard and other senators.

March 21: Senators Allard and John Warner call for a change in leadership at the academy, asking for a woman at the top post. They specifically raise concerns about Gilbert.

March 25: Roche and Jumper announce that Gilbert and two other top officials -- Colonel Robert Eskridge, the vice commandant of cadets, and Colonel Laurie Sue Slavec, the training group commander -- will be removed from the academy; superintendent General John Dallager will remain until his June 1 retirement.

March 26: Roche and Jumper release the "Agenda for Change," a set of reforms intended to make the academy safer for women.

March 27: Dallager is reassigned to the Pentagon.

March 29: The words "Bring Me Men," etched in granite at the academy's entrance, are removed.

April 2: The Senate votes to approve an independent inquiry into the rape scandal.

April 10: Brigadier General Johnny Weida becomes the new commandant of cadets, replacing Gilbert.

June 19: Walker's "working group" releases a lengthy report showing that 142 sexual-assault allegations have been made since January 1993 but that there has been "no systemic acceptance of sexual assault at the Academy."

July 9: Lieutenant General John Rosa becomes the new superintendent, replacing Dallager.

July 10: The independent panel, requested by Congress and chaired by former congresswoman Tillie Fowler, begins interviewing cadets and academy leaders.

August 29: The Department of Defense Inspector General releases May survey results, which show that one in five female cadets say they were sexually assaulted while at the academy.

September 12: The General Accounting Office releases a study showing that academy leaders perceive sexual harassment as being less of a problem than do cadets.

September 22: The independent panel that members of Congress had requested releases its three-month study.

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