Late Love

Louie and Ophelia grapples with mature commitment

The 21-and-over party starts at 7 p.m.; for information, visit or call 720-290-3888. -- Julie Dunn

Disaster Plan
Pressure gives multimedia expression to angst
FRI, 10/3

Third Law Dance/Theater's Barometric Pressure may deal with disaster and its emotional repercussions, but co-artistic director Susan Levin insists the play is not just another rehash of current affairs. While Levin acknowledges that ideas for the show were jump-started by skepticism surrounding the war in Iraq and the dread evoked by threats of terrorism, she explains that in order to make those sentiments more real for audience members, the show "crystallizes" them, presenting them on a more personal level. Pressure sets emotional catastrophes such as betrayal, coming of age and death against the background of a turbulent planet (suggested by nature sounds and weather reports of blizzards and floods). It's not all hopeless cynicism, though: Levin promises plenty of strategically placed humor and irony, too. Like other works by the Boulder-based Third Law, this is a multimedia and multi-genre production: Different types of music, as well as spoken text, make up the score, and theatrical sketches are integrated into the choreography. Therefore, performers have to be able to move as well as they act. "We're lucky; we have a very talented group," says Levin.

The December Question heads up Breast Fest 2003.
The December Question heads up Breast Fest 2003.
Third Law expresses uneasiness in Barometric 
Third Law expresses uneasiness in Barometric Pressure.

The show opens at 8 p.m. tonight at Boulder's Dairy Center for the Arts, 2590 Walnut Street. Performances continue weekends through October 12. For more information or to buy tickets, $15, call 303-938-8656 or visit -- Jonelle Wilkinson Seitz

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