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From the week of October 23, 2003

That being said, those of us concerned with social change must continually figure out how best to go about making it happen, while simultaneously pointing out violence and misdeeds of those in power. Side fights on how to get to where we want to go may prove to be roadblocks to sustainable change; however, the issue of violence/non-violence is central to the present, as well as our hopeful future.

Evan Weissman

It's official: What, exactly, was the point of "Canned Heat"? To ridicule our plans to overturn global capitalism in favor of a more sane and livable world? Did Holthouse want to flaunt his bourgeois bohemian attempt at journalism to the rest of us by living vicariously through a poor representative of the global anarchist movement? And who was this alleged representative who none of us here at the Denver-based organization "End Times Anarchists, Inc." have even heard of? As high-ranking officials of the End Times Anarchists, Inc., we find it puzzling that this individual does not resemble the demographic description of anyone in our membership database. This alone makes the very existence of said person less credible. If you choose to write about anarchists, please inquire to our headquarters next time so that we can give our authoritative decision regarding whether or not it would be appropriate. Thank you.

Names withheld on request

David Holthouse replies: Racist? Classist? Ethnocentric? Get the fuck out of here. Most of the taggers I've run across are poseur white boys whose concept of oppression is not having digital cable. And I'm sorry, but tagging, as opposed to full-piece graffiti, is simply not art. As far as my bourgeois bohemian attempt at journalism goes, I wasn't trying to author the definitive study of Denver's anarchist movement. My subject was stencil graffiti. I didn't mean to imply that all stencil graffiti artists are anarchists or vice-versa, because that's clearly not the case. Now, I have a question: Does anyone but me find it funny that anarchists have high-ranking officials who want to hand down authoritative decisions?

Lost in Space

Boob job: In the October 16 issue, Julie Jargon's "Back to Nature" was excellent, albeit depressing. Raylene Decatur has put all her eggs in one basket, and it has a hole in it. She has overemphasized Space Odyssey at the expense of the entire Denver Museum of Nature & Science. The dorky, spaced-out, "odd-to-see" TV ads must cost a mint. What vast talent and areas of the museum are lost forever now that Space Odyssey is directly tied to the museum's annual operating budget.

For this, the boobs who hired Ms. Decatur will most likely give her a raise.

Frank Galmish

The Artful Dodger

Cornering the market: Regarding Kenny Be's "Four Corners Face-Lift Forewarning," the Worst-Case Scenario in the October 9 issue:

Next time Kenny is in Cortez (on his way to visit the Four Corners Monument, no doubt), please have him give me a call. I would enjoy having lunch with him and sharing a little insight into southwestern Colorado. While we are easy to make fun of, we are all that remains of what Colorado was and should stay.

Cheryl Baker, Mayor

Be is the best: Kenny Be, you be the best! Always! You have the highest level of brilliance and talent and depth. And your October 2 "Conservative Arts Major" Worst-Case Scenario was beyond brilliant. Beyond. I can't express my admiration -- and appreciation -- in a worthy manner.

Thank you! You operate at the highest level of genius. And humor. And talent.

Susan Schwartz

Ah, There's the Rub

Yanks for the memories: Regarding your October 9 coverage of Puppetry of the Penis:

So Westword gets taken in by yet another low-brow-humor-for-the-masses-road-show-live-from-somewhere-important-so-it-must-be-art scam. Puppetry of the Penis, eh? Cute. Kinda like those porcelain figurines we see in the Sunday newspaper supplements. Spare me. I love it when the "masses" get to view pseudo-porn in a setting that sez, "Oh, it is all on the up-and-up; so this is art, or comedy," or some such tripe. When Denver or any other city that pathetically aspires to be hip or modern showcases a vaudeville act called Clowning With the Clitoris, you call me and I will be there -- in fairness only, mind you.

P.S.: This is not about liberalism versus conservatism; I am as liberal as the day is long. This is about art and comedy, and that show is neither. And as long as I have words to spare here, can we finally put a fork in I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change? Pleeze? Just like Penis: same suburban angst/titillation, same hype, same ho-hum.

J.J. Miller
via the Internet

Purple People Eater

Shaken and stirred: I just wanted to tell you that Patrick Osborn's October 2 Drunk of the Week was absolutely hilarious and completely true! I do like the Purple Martini, but what he said is right on. Keep up the great writing!

Andrea Hawkins

Painting by Numbers

Notes from the underground: Michael Paglia's "Everybody Loves Painting," in the October 9 issue, was a thoughtful, provocative review.

But tell me: What if I want to see the show, but I like the art-history part? Is there a sorta underground, subversive part of the Denver Art Museum presentation where I can get that?

Donald Frazier
via the Internet

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