Off Limits

Pack journalism

But Joeand Ann Kechter, whose son, Matthew, was killed at Columbine High School, say Moore hasn't returned the favor. Last fall, they were invited to a special advance screening of Bowling for Columbine, one of the top-grossing documentaries in cinema history. But reading the fine print of the invite -- which came through an e-mail list-serve used by victims' families -- they discovered that they'd have to pay admission in order to see the Columbine massacre dissected on the big screen. That was an offer they could refuse.

"People ask us all the time if we've seen the movie," says Joe Kechter. "But we have never seen it, and we never would see it if it means giving them some of our money. We won't even rent it. It kind of angers us when people make money off our children."

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