No Apologies

Junior Senior is proud to be a silly dance band.

Indeed, Mortensen views the success of "Shake Ya Tailfeather," by Nelly, P. Diddy and Murphy Lee, "Damn!" by the Youngbloodz, and the other booty-friendly hip-hop salvos currently dominating the Billboard singles charts as proof that the average pop-music fan prefers sheer entertainment to deep thoughts. "Hip-hop started as party music," he stated, "because at parties, they'd take records and rap things like ŒGet down on the floor! Drink some beers! This is the best party of the year!' It was good-time music with a dancey vibe to it. We don't make hip-hop, but our music is kind of like that, too, and I think that's cool."

Even so, Mortensen concedes that he wouldn't mind being known for more than "Move Your Feet."

"I'm really happy that we actually had a hit song," he declared. "It's great that people really liked my little pet song, and that it went so much further than we ever thought it would. It definitely opened a lot of doors for us. We can actually tour the U.S. now, and we probably couldn't have done that if we hadn't had a hit. But now I want to come up with something new -- a new formula. I'm kind of ambitious, actually, even though maybe our album doesn't sound that ambitious, and I'm going to try to do something that challenges what we're doing right now. I don't want to do what other people are doing at the moment or even what we've already done. I want to go into new territories."

Boys just want to have fun: Jesper Mortensen and Jeppe Breum Laursen are Junior Senior.
Søren Solkør Starbird
Boys just want to have fun: Jesper Mortensen and Jeppe Breum Laursen are Junior Senior.

With that, Mortensen paused, seemingly aware that he may have already strayed a bit too far afield. "I'm definitely not going to do an album with nothing but ballads on there," he stressed. "I want it to be exciting; I want it to be fun. I have some more tricks up my sleeve."

Sounds like a recipe for more stupid novelty bullshit. Thank goodness.

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