Happy Holidays

Belle and the Beast retells a love story

"Kids aren't used to seeing Bear interact with humans. It's something new for them," says publicist Lee Henderson.

Bear's tiny fans are encouraged to stand, clap and sing during the ninety-minute show, and there's a chance they will be broadcast on an on-stage screen. Bear features extravagant lighting, costumes and choreography.

"It's very similar in its style to a musical like The Producers or one of those Broadway shows," says Henderson.

Robert Ullman
The Bear in the Big Blue House checks in live.
The Bear in the Big Blue House checks in live.

The show runs through Sunday. Tickets are $12 for tonight's show, and $13-$22 for all other shows. They can be purchased at any Ticketmaster outlet, Rite Aid or Foley's, online at www.ticketmaster.com or by phone at 303-830-8497. Visit www.bearinthebigbluehouselive.com for details. -- DeNesha Tellis

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